Welcome to Jewelry From Tucson, coming to you from the desert mountains of Tucson, Arizona!

My jewelry is made with the finest products, including semi-precious and organic stones, Swarovski crystals, and sterling silver. My favorite stone is turquoise, so don't be surprised to see a good sprinkling of turquoise throughout my jewelry. And I really like the way silver sparkles up a piece, so I use it profusely! Besides designing jewelry around stringing beads, I also like to do a bit of wire work with sterling silver wire.

Even though I have been in Tucson for only a little over a year, I have always been drawn to the Southwest look of jewelry, ever since my parents would vacation here in the West, and bring home turquoise trinkets. So some of my jewelry will reflect the romantic daydreams I have always had of the Wild Wild West.

Most of my pieces are one of a kind, but if you would like any reproduced or slightly altered, please feel free to contact me to talk about it!

I also dabble a little in origami, check it out by clicking on the Origami button!


Tucson Mountain

E-mail me with any questions! nan@jewelryfromtucson.com

Thanks for looking!
Nan Goodwin